Monday, March 30, 2009

"Come back now to your sober senses; recall your true self; awake from slumber, and recognize that they were only dreams that troubled you; and as you looked on them, so look now on what meets your waking eyes."

- Marcus Aurelius
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This APW lineup looks pretty darn good. Stoked to see a bill that includes (albeit on seperate nights) the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Coldplay, Fleet Foxes, Gaslight Anthem, MGMT, Gogol Bordello & TOOL. It's funny how the festival's producers felt the jamband community couldn't pull its weight in ticket sales this year (hence no jambands on the bill). Also interesting to point out there's no electronic music being served up (wtf!? fans can't get a Justice or Girl Talk set??) Regardless, barring any sort of last minute changes, this years edition will surely surpass 2008's experience. You may remember the terrible (5) beer limit / per day & long lines for the ferry back to NYC. From what I've gathered, the organizers have ironed out the 1st year kinks & are ready to go bigger and hopefully better. See ya out there!

Monday Blues: Dead Shows In NYC


The Dead are set to play (3) different NYC venues this afternoon > evening. Unfortunately SDSG aint going to any of em! Last week I entered the's online lottery for a chance to see them either play an acoustic set @ the amazing Angel Orensanze space on the LES, the Gramercy Theatre in midtown or the end all be all throwdown @ Roseland in Times Sq. Well I got nuthzin. Nada. Not happenin. For all those feeling them Monday blues...this posts for you.

Cassidy - Grateful Dead
Althea - Grateful Dead

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"All the rainy days, they ain't so bad when you're the king"

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Thursday, March 26, 2009


“This photo was taken by photographer Jack Bradley and depicts the exact moment this boy, Harold Whittles, hears for the very first time ever. The doctor treating him has just placed an earpiece in his left ear. Date unknown. “

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

“ An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.

— Ernest Hemingway
Clean Beration
Long Distance Call - Phoenix
Walkin On a Dream - Empire of the Sun
Black History Month - Death From Above 1979

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Monday, March 23, 2009

"Confidence comes from being prepared"

- John Wooden

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love Is A Long Road - Tom Petty
First Single - The Format
Lucky Man - The Verve

“ For what it’s worth, it’s never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit… start whenever you want… you can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you see things that stop you. I hope you feel things that you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life that you’re proud of and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.

— Benjamin Button

“To action alone hast thou a right and never at all to its fruits; let not the fruits of action be thy motive; neither let there be in thee any attachment to inaction”

- Bhagavad Gita
1.21 Gigawatts

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SDSG Disclaimer


Things are about to get crazy busy over the next two weeks at work. The Gen Art Film Festival is fast approaching & things simply need to get done. In the interim - your patience is greatly appreciated.


"Expect the best, be prepared for the worst, fuck what others think & do your own thing."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Trey & Page w/ Allmans Last Night


I heard from a friend early yesterday they might show up. After a flurry of emails, semi confirmations and a good buddy going out of his way to pick up the tix, we found ourselves in the back of the Beacon ready for a throwdown of epic proportions. Sure enough, the boyz from VT stepped out at the tail end of the first set, with blues guitar master Buddy Guy taboot! ARE. U. FRIGGIN. KIDDING. ME!? To have (4) of the very best guitar players in the world on the same stage is something this guy won't soon forget.

After probably the best Southbound EVER - both Trey & Page re-emerged post set break to sit in on "I Know You Rider" and an amazing version of "Liz Reed". Sooooo sick! I was beaming from ear to ear throughout the entire performance. Truly, this night will go down as one of my all-time musical highlights. Just awesome!

For a more in depth look at this amazing show - check out this Youtube clip of Southbound & Scotty B's review via Hidden Track

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Anyone who gets in our way will be engulfed in our dynamic or will be quickly forgotten"

- Big Man

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Opening Night Review


Great show last night. It's amazing that everytime I see these guys they just keep getting tighter. In a tribute to Duane, they opened with 'Little Martha', which they very rarely play. Very cool to hear this song live for the first time. 'Walk on Guilded Splinters' was as dirty a version as they come. A mean MEAN jam outta 'Same Thing'. For what is sure to be a string of guest appearences, Taj Mahal was the 1st to come out & wielded nothing but positive energy. Closing the first set with 'Statesboro Blues' - all was right with the world.

As they were getting ready for the 2nd set - you could see a drum kit being set up off to the right hand side. Curtain opens & there's Levon Helm (the Band) & Larry Campbell all saddled up. When the opening chords of 'Ophelia' rang out, the place went nuts. Hells Yeah! A few songs later they dropped the 'Weight'. I friggin love this song. Taj Mahal came running back out to sing a verse. Gregg got his. Levon just smiling from ear to ear (me as well). The rest of the set was great, especially the 'Black Hearted Woman Jam' > 'Purple Haze' tease > 'Black Hearted Woman'. To top it all off - a 'Southbound' closer. I would say that as far as an opening night goes - it don't get much better than this!




Monday, March 9, 2009

Peakin @ the Beacon

The Allman's are set to hit the stage @ the Beacon tonight - & the SDSG family will be there to celebrate the start of this epic run - enjoy the above clip from one of their rehearsals.

Windam 09' - A Recap

Very nice weekend spent up in Catskills. Insider highlights included: Back-to-back showings of "Dave Jones: Full Throttle" w/ guest appearances by Tim & myself, a Purple Rain closer, Lito WhoOooAaaa, Chef T Nash - steak and eggs, lottery tix, Bomb tracks & a Bogle induced ACDC pump up sesh.

See ya in 2010'

Monday Blues


Rollin & Tumblin - Bob Dylan
Stop Break Down - Robert Johnson
Baby Please Don't Go - Big Joe Williams

Friday, March 6, 2009

Therrre Baaaack!


After 4 1/2 years, Phish will finally take the stage tonight in Hampton Virgina. This marks the 1st time since I started seeing this band I won't be in attendance for one of their bigger shows....& this may might the biggest of em' all.

Still, I've always thought at the end of the day it's all just "One Big Show". You catch some some, miss others. But - this was one gig I wish I coulda seen. For those making their way down - drive safe. For all those about to rock - We Salute You.

Let the face melting begin.

Waste - Phish
Julius - Phish
Antelope - Phish

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I found out yesterday a college roommate of mine passed away recently. His name was Matt Kiefer & he was one cool cat. An email chain was sent through by a bunch of our former Sigma Chi fraternity brothers, all reminiscing about times shared with him. Below are some stories that describes the man to a T.

You are missed my friend.

“Kiefer and I were walking back from Bentley's wasted one late night. As we are heading back to the house we cut through the back yard of Fi Sig's House. Kiefer was all fired up, telling me "these girls are the worst chicks on campus". As soon as we get to the street right in front of their house Kiefer screams "you chicks fucking suck!!!" not even a second or two later a girl sticks her head out one of the dark windows and yells "Shut up Kiefer!!"

AMAZZZZZZING!!! I WAS LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF at the fact this girl could recognize Matt's voice late at night while basically sleeping!”


" Kiefer was a fellow Mets and Giants fan, and along with this, we both shared in the adventure that is attempting to jump the hump along the side of the house in our cars at 5am. He was always outspoken, and much like myself, had the ablility to come off as a huge prick. But that is what I loved about him...his ability to crush you in front of everybody one minute, and then laugh and dump a beer on your girlfriend's head the next (this happened on numerous was like he was reading my mind). We drifted apart as years passed, but I could always count on seeing him at the bar and saying "Hey look it's Albers, go F yourself nerd", and then giving me a big hug and ordering shots....on my tab."


“Kiefer in a voice message to Stephanie H @ 4 A.M on a Tuesday night - 'Heyyy, what's up shorty? Kiefer here. Yup, this is a booty call'..Stephanie H in the voice mail to Kiefer the next morning - 'Hmm, yeah, Matt, I don't do booty calls for your information. I will however be in your room at 3 P.M. today after class so make sure you're there'”

Mad World - Gary Jules

Talk about a supergroup. Dylan, Orbison, Petty, Harrison??? Awesome

Handle Me With Care - Traveling Wilbury's
End of the Line - Traveling Wilbury's

"It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat."...

-Theodore Roosevelt

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love this scene.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

- Wayne Gretzky

A Look Back to Early March 2008 ...ahhhh


- via Timothy Nash - "Lefty high five twice, as the Spirit Airlines makes it's much anticipated landing into Fort Lauderdale. At this point the flight attendant, who's been eyeballin our crew the whole way down, tries to invite herself along. With a huge smile, whiskey breath and a damn good looking hat... Bret calmly tells this girl 'Sorry honey...We got places to go'. We stop at the Duty-Free, cause we always do. I'm getting the star-treatment VIBE...People just can't take their eyes off of us. Glamorous as we can be, we strut through the airport, just smiling as a backdrop of Palm trees is now our reality. 'Where's Dogg and Megan?' I shout to Bret, who is entertaining a crowd of spring break stunnies, barely keeping their sundresses from hitting the dirty airport floor. We turn around to see both Megs and Dogg splitting a bottle of tequilla. Megan, (looking sexy as ever) is obviously in her element. I for one can see past the glamour & know this girl is here to bring it. I steal some wraps from some nervous 'HEY-HEY-MAN' I go to Florida college kid. WE don't wait for anyone, we burn that puppy as we walk to get our cab. Megan and Dogg polish the Tequilla in stride. All of a sudden, a busload of stunbots from Stunnie University are following us. We calmly make our way to the taxi cab. There's even a rush to see us there. I commandeer shotgun, Bret's throwing out the 'ahhh..we're here vibe, Megan has her shirt off and Doggpound is doing what the Dogg does best. This ship of fools hasn't even departed port yet, but it's quite clear, anyone who gets in our way will be engulfed in our dynamic - or will be quickly forgotten. Strong drinks are in on our sights now. "Broward RV guy", I say. 'Does this thing have a CD player or ipod port?' Bret asks. 'Sure does boys, oh and SLI'. We are all stunned...Did you say SLI guy?? HE just smiles and of course GLAMOROUS is pumping as we wheel our way to the RV. It's on from this point. What On is? We will soon find out."


Two For Tuesday: Phish Edition

Sadly, I won't not be making the trek down to Virgina for the comeback shows. However, that doesn't mean this Phish phan can't enjoy some Phishy tunes on a cold cold cold Tuesday morning.

The Wedge - Phish
Back On the Train - Phish

Monday, March 2, 2009


Blitzen Trapper 12/27 Bowery Review


Blitzen Trapper put on one-heck-of-a show @ the Bowery Ballroom Friday night. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, their music has a has an alt-country sound that would make Bob Dylan proud. Their newest album Furr (which most of the set was culled from) is fantastic & deservingly has earned a steady slot in SDSG's ipod rotation. My favorite song of the evening had to be “Black River Killer. A great track off the new album which sounded even better live. As my friend Dr. Jones said: Big fan of these guys!!

Black River Killer - Blitzen Trapper

"I hope the Beacon has a plan for putting the roof back on that newly refurbished building. We are gonna blow it off."

- Butch Trucks on the upcoming Allman's Beacon Run

Monday Blues


Stormy Monday - T Bone Walker
Messin With the Kid - Junior Wells
The Sky Is Crying - Elmore James
Back Door Man - Howlin Wolf