Thursday, January 31, 2008

All Eyes on My Morning Jacket

Shot at Lollapalooza this past summer, My Morning Jacket enlisted the help of their fans to shoot footage of their performance using digital cameras and cell phones. The fans sent in what they had, resulting in this amazing video.

MMJ + an orchestra + 50,0000 people = NICE

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Road


Though you may have heard of his last novel turned movie, No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy has written many other good books you might not know about. One of these I just read... & it is terrific.

The Road, written in 2006, earned him the Pulitzer Prize. The novel explores a post-apocalyptic American wasteland & two characters struggling to survive in the wake of unspoken destruction. McCarthy avoids the details of the disaster and lets the characters take center stage, where a father-son duo remain unnamed throughout the book. Dialogue between the two is as bleak as the landscape being described & only mutter a few phrases at a time. They must overcome the loss of sunlight, horrifc storms, lack of food & water & the terrible notion that there may be nothing left out there worth searching for.

You won't find any real plot twists here. Only the sobering vantage points of a father & son trying to make their way through a devatasted world.

Read it

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday - Oh Yeah Edition


SupdudeSupGuy too a little break this week. No excuses - but things got a little hectic around here. That said, there is alot to talk about. The first being THE NY GIANTS. This team just keeps on rolling & if they play like they've been playing as of late, you best believe they got a real shot @ making the Superbowl. It kinda sucks having to root against Brett Favre - but business is business, & this Giant fan bleeds Blue & Red. On another note, the upcoming months are starting to shape up quite nicely. February 11th is my birthday & of course I will be sharing it with my birthday partners Emi & Vanessa. The theme this year is TBD , but you can rest assured it will be over the top. Moving into March, I'm looking forward to a weekend in the Catskills celebrating the life of Michael Grey, with a slew of friends & fellow VVIPS. After that we prepare ourselves for what has become the highlight trip of the year: LANGERADO. Now for all of you who have never heard of this wonderful festival in the Florida Everglades, let me paraphrase when I say it is all things G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. With friends in tow, a large RV with a Disco ball intact, partly cloudy skies, more music than you could possibly imagine yourself ever listening to & TONS of sun soaked pretty ladies running around - I see good things coming out of that weekend. Until then, I will be posting as much as possible and dropping bomb tracks for all the fans out there.

Fighters - Lupe Fiasco
Carousels - Beirut

Friday, January 11, 2008



Last night was off the proverbial hook. Me and some peoples went down to the West Village to catch the 2nd performance of Marco Benevento's (5) Night residency at Sullivan Hall. He was joined on stage by long time collaborator Joe Russo along with Brad Barr (guitarist of the Slip) We took our spots right behind Marco's piano and watched what what I would say was one of the better sets of music I have seen in a long time. Next up is Benevento with Stanton Moore from Galactic. It's good to be in NYC!

Fearless - Marco Benevento
Play Stop Pause - Benevento Russo Duo

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two For Tuesday - Obama Rocks Edition


SupDudeSupGuy has been a forum for many different things for many different people. One thing that has not been covered here is politics. That is about to change with this post. Today is really an important day in US history, as the great residents of New Hampshire vote on whom should get the Democratic / Republican nod. For this blogger, there is only one choice - & his name is Barack Obama. In my lifetime I have never seen a politician with such a real sense of what this country needs and what it will take to get us there there. I have listened to him speak, debate and talk off the cuff with people, and every time I get more inspired by what he has to say. Eventually, I believe the rest of country will come to feel the same way after they get to hear / see this amazing candidate & digest all the things he stands for.

A Change is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke
We Can Work It Out - The Beatles

Monday, January 7, 2008

Manning Monday


Woohoo! Eli Manning & the Giants finally took the next step yesterday, beating the Bucs 24 - 14. This was a MUST win game, not only for the Giant football team (who before yesterday had not won a playoff game since 2001) but really for Eli Manning & his legacy. Yesterday the kid proved he CAN play in bigtime football games. From the heady checkdowns, to his $$ pumpfakes - Manning looked like a QB both confident & in control. After stepping up against the Patriots, and playing like they did yesterday, the Giants look hella-ready to take on the Cowboyz. T.O will be playing less than 100%, and Romo is coming off poor performances in his the final two games, I have to say - I like this match up!

MEN vs boys. See you in Dallas!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday 2008 Edition


Where does the week go? For me the week was spent trying to get over a chest more smoking cigs for this guy. For the rest of you people out there , the first week in January meant getting back to work. But YES, today IS Friday (and a COLD one at that) In honor of this momentus occasion, below are some dance tracks to get things going before the weekend. The first one is from a great new band called Young Love - who I saw on New Years Eve at the Hiro Ballroom. Check em out.

Discotech - Young Love
You Havent Done Nothing - Stevie Wonder
Come Around - M.I.A