Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Case You Missed It....

Very inspiring video. I've never been the biggest Hillary supporter, but I can't knock the sense of hope she gave to millions of woman and men across the world. Watching her speech last night - Y thought she did alright. I would have liked to have heard more support for Barack in the way of "why she thinks he is fit to lead etc" , but I'll take what she offered up. I'm just hoping that some of the negative campagin messages she used during thr primaries doesn't come back to haunt the Democrats in the end.

Ghostbusters Tribute Vid

Here's a montage of the very best Ghostbusters scenes set against a rockin soundtrack. Whomever put this together....Kudos to you sir!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two for Tuesday - Pick Em Up Edition


The thought of not having Osi Umenyora on the field for this years Giants season is not a good one. The guy was a flat out monster last year - leading the team in sacks & overall "Im gunna get you sucka mentality". Now, I don't think you can ever replace a guy like that, but what you can do is bring back someone who knows the system, owns the NFL record for all time sacks in a season & is a TRUE GIANT. Yeah - I'm talking about THE Michael Strahan.

Although he's officially retired - the Giants need to buck up the $$ he needs to get his head / body right for the season. Figure last year he was training as if he was coming back. This year - he's been training with his hot girlfriend in the Mediterranean. If Stahan does come back, he we will be regarded as not only a Superbowl CHAMPION - but a true savior of the GINTS 08' season. Get ur suit on Michael....we need ya!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning - We Love You


Yes. We. Do.

Great weekend...Great week / weekend ahead... So so Nice!

*Editors Note* - apologies for the non posts last week. Look for a "guest editor to take the helm soon ;)

Monkey Man - Rolling Stones
Cobra - MMJ

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Morning - No Blues?

Monday Baby. Oh yeah.

Only good things on our mind this AM, with the return of our lovely lady from her down home trip, the awesome time we spent at the beach in Westport CT yesterday & the $$ Fantasy football draft we just completed last night. All in all - "things are going great - and there only gettin better".

In celebration of the new week and the promise it holds - here is an AWESOME track off the new Kings of Leon album, set to drop in a few weeks. Heard them play this at the All Points Festival and they killed it. Enjoy!

Sex on Fire - KOL

Friday, August 15, 2008

Phishy Friday


In celebration of a Phishy Friday - I give you the words of Mr. Mike Gordon in a recent interview with Andy Gadiel "I'm much more antsy to get out on the road and make another solo album. But, I'm gonna really enjoy it when Phish does happen....Craving' isn't the word that comes to mind but 'excitement' is.

And there you have it. Check out the rest of Mikes interview at:

Mike Gordon : In his Own Words - Jambase

Ghost - 8/17/98 (Walnut Creek)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Almost There Post

Great remix vid featuring Kanye, N.E.R.D, Lupe, & that dude from the Clipse.

Seriously - one of the coolest looking vids ever

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All Points West - Oh Yeah




Does it gets much better than spending a beautiful weekend with friends, listening to awesome music & hanging with Lady Liberty? Saturday started out with hearty brunch at Jules Cafe > a gorgeous ferry ride to Liberty State Park - where the All Points was being held. Upon arrival, we were shocked to find there was a (5) beer person limit / per day. Ouch. Undeterred, we guzzled what beers we could in a few and looked forward to the sets of music about to unfold. Our crew really came to see two bands... Kings Of Leon & Radiohead.

The Kings were phenomenal. Diving into their catalogue of tunes, they dropped all the hits on could want including "On Call, Molly Chambers, Fans & So Night So Long. Hells Yeah!

Up next: Radiohead. Somehow I lost my crew right before the band went on & spent the first two songs walking around looking for em. Once I realized the effort was futile, I turned my attention towards the music & visuals pouring off the stage...and what a sight / sound it was. The only way to describe it: AMAZING. Best band in the world??...Prob-ab-ly. Everything was going swimmingly until I was forced to leave by the crew I had lost earlier in the day (they showed up midway through). Apparently, they felt it was time to go at 10:20 and we ended up missing over 10+ songs. Needless to say, I was & will never be happy about it.... Buuuuttt we digress. We ended back in the city early as a result - where we continued the party into the wee hours.

Sunday. Me and my girl (yes u read that right) got to the show around 2:30 just in time to catch Rodrigo y Gabriela play during the first of many rain showers. Their music felt quite appropriate with the rain falling down I must add. As the precipitation grew heavier, we grabbed a couple garbage bags and headed to the beer tent to put down (3) out of our (5) beer allotment. As things got funnier / more ridiculous, we were def. stoked to have the rain stop right before Ben Harpers set. He ended up starting a little late, but was gracious enough to avoid a Kanye / Bonnaroo debacle by apologizing to the fans and his crew. I've seen Ben a few times before & and like shows I've seen previously, he seemed right at home. My personal favorite song during his set was "Don't Let em' Take the Fight Outta You". Very nice indeed.

We then cruised over to the see Trey Anastasio open up shop. Now I'm the biggest Trey fan out there, but this time around I was a weeee bit bored with most of the songs. After a flailing "Drifting", where the jam really went nowhere, he started up "Gotta Jiboo" & all was right with the world. Midway through, we walked back over to the main stage to catch Jack Johnson. I stand by my statement both before and after watching / listening to him. His music is best appreciated through speakers / headphones / early day set. Too boring for a close out festival slot.

All in hell of weekend.

Two for Tuesday: Olympics Edition

I just watched the above clips of the opening ceremonies @ the Beijing Olympics, & this is defitenly one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I can't even begin to imagine how long it must have taken to choreograph this..but considering China is the host this year, they probably had their people working "overtime" to get it right. "Featuring a full-field scroll, projection sphere and people formed LED suits, this goes down as the the largest display of lighting technology in world history."


Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Blues


Monday. No good Monday. After spending the weekend watching various bands at the All Points West Festival with friends new and old, today is a tough one. At least we have a special someone on our minds to help push through ;)

Look for an APW review early tommorrrow.

Further On Down the Road > Blues Music - Jack Johnson

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Thursday & Brett's a Jet!


Wow.Wow.Wow. The NY Jets just landed Brett Favre in a ridiculous trade with the Green Bay Packers. How an esteemed franchise like the Packers would let it get this far - and basically push him out the door - I have know idea. What I do know is the Jets just got a whole lot better with Favre behind center. Now, I'm a Giant fan though and through... But the fact I'm going to be able to watch some Brett Favre magic week in & week out on my local Fox station??...Pretty awesome indeed.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday I love the BRMC Edition


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is a band that gets it right. They play rock n' roll exactly the way it should sound. Last night, me & a solid crew attended their performance @ Irving Plaza and the boys did not disappoint. The setlist was was geared to go at full steam and that's consistently what they churned out. If you have not seen or listened to this band...get on it.

Lien On Your Dream - BRMC

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Blues


When its 85 degress & sunny.....kinda hard to have the blues :) This week's sure to be a productive one with concerts a plenty and work to be done. As far as a weekend recap - we went to the Gathering of the Vibes on Friday & saw a bunch of bands, the best of which was a blistering set by the Black Crowes. I also got a funny pic with the Wavy Gravy (see above). Hilarious. Saturday and Sunday were spent in the NYCity watching movies, walking around & enjoyin the scene. Nice

Remedy - Black Crowes