Friday, December 28, 2007


Wow. I can't believe we are only (4) days from 2008. The year has gone by way too quickly for this blogger. Some of my year end highlights / memories include: celebrating my 28th birthday in Boston, an amazing trip to the Langerado festival in early March, owning Mountain Jam, boating on the LI Sound, 3 days @ the Gathering of the Vibes, meeting new people to get down with, backstage @ Farm Aid, watching all the acts @ the NY Comedy Festival, spending time with my family, Thanksgiving dinner with friends, traveling to crazy locations, starting a blog & generally just getting after it.

Where does the time go?

It's Been a Very Good Year - Frank Sinatra
End of Credits - Nada Surf

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who Doesn't like Nude Victorias Secret Models?


Thats what i thought...



Today is Thursday and our Editor in Chief is just getting over a nasty stomach bug. The reason why we NEED to get better asap is quite simple : The WORD

The band is comprised of Cody & Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars) John Medeski & Robert Randolph, all of whom are set to kick off their special 5 night tour of the North East tonight at Terminal 5 in NYC. I for one have never heard any of the music they have put out, but when you group talent such as these amazing musicians - only great things can come of it.

Mami Gato - Medeski Martin & Wood
The March - Robert Randolph
Drinking Muddy Water - North Mississippi Allstars

Friday, December 21, 2007

Its Been a While


Editors Note: Sorry for the non posts over the past week... Gonna step it up from here on out.

It's Friday folks & the city is abuzz right now with people running around doing last minute holiday shopping. I got lucky yesterday, nailing all my gifts in one swoop. Nice. Last night I went out to a dinner with my family, celebrating my sisters triumphant return to the east coast. (Eliza - don't you like out here??)

Since my last post, I've been running all over Manhattan / Harlem on site checks for an event - where a bunch of highschool basketball players design their own Team Nike shoes & get to sport em' during the remainder of the season. Around 9ish tonight - once the work is over - I'll be looking to get up with some good people for a last throwdown in NYC before the holidaze hits.

Roc Boys - Jay Z
Paper Planes - M.I.A

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Friday Post

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I have been reading all the news today on the MLB / Mitchell steroid report. I don't really know what to make of it, but what really sucks is that the (2) people named in the report, Roger Clemens & Barry Bonds, hold some of baseballs most prestigious records. You still have vote them into the Hall of fame - imo. How can anyone determine what effect the drugs had on their overall performance? How can anyone say Roger Clemens should have 280 wins instead of 350? Or Barry Bonds should have 300 homers less? You cant.

Overall, MLB has to be breathing a big sigh of relief. When only (4) big names are outed, instead of the 80 big named players previously rumored to be in the report, they got lucky.

It is Friday folks. Here are a few nice Phish tracks to kick off the weekend.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Few Days Late....But Right On Time

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Nice. I just got back into to NYC as of 2:30 PM EST. Couldn't be more stoked. It was a great trip, culminating with a few days the beach reading an awesome book (The Road - by Cormac Mcarthy.) I'm fired up for this weekend. Lets get er' done peoples.

While I was kicking back in Floridaze, the rest of the music loving world it seems had their eyes & ears pointed towards the triumphant return of Led Zeppelin. What a way to start a rock show....Good Times Bad Times!?? "In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man." Talk about giving the fans what they want!

The setlist is below & I think one word about sums it up - WoW

Good Times, Bad Times
Ramble On
Black Dog
In My Time of Dying
For Your Life
Trampled Under Foot
Nobody’s Fault But Mine
No Quarter
Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You
Dazed and Confused
Stairway To Heaven
The Song Remains the Same
Misty Mountain Hop

Whole Lotta Love
Rock and Roll
Good Times Bad Times
Moby Dick
Rock N Roll

Monday, December 10, 2007

Miami Monday

I'm still here. Definitely itching to get home, as being away from friends and family are beginning to take a toll on the kid. That being said, Flordidaze is not a bad place to be when away. I am hopping on a Wednesday flight and will be back in the NYC around 6:30 PM. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon. In the interim, a few tracks a day (and some sun) keeps the frowns away

Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park
Home Sweet Home - Motely Crue

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Art Basel is Cool

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Before I started working on this Nike event, I had never heard of the Art Basel festival. Apparently its been going for 5 years in different sections of Miami & attracts jet setting art lovers from all over the world. After I finished up with work around six today, I met a friend whose sister works for an art museum and we went to the "Photo Miami" exhibition in downtown Miami. It was definitely worthwhile, as I got to see some amazing photography being displayed. After that we went to another event which was had a crazy, maze like, art installation. The crowd milling about was "eccentric" to say the least..... We stayed for drink, then I headed back to the hotel. Not bad for a Tuesday evening.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Grounded.....for Now

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So as of 8:13 pm central time, I am currently sitting on the tarmac at Chicago's midway airport due to heavy rain & sleet. I left Portland a day early thinking I could beat a storm that was supposed to hit on Sunday, only to be met by nasty weather in the windy city (shocker). The only thing that is keeping me from pulling my hair out is the notion that we will eventually take off - and I will be in Ft Lauderdale sometime tonight. If / when I get there, I plan on cruising down towards the beach, finding a cheap motel and passing the funk out. The real payoff will be waking up to warm sunshine and a nice beach vibe that good ol' Floridaze always provides.