Monday, September 29, 2008


Monday Blues... Aint No Thang


Monday Monday. Lets start things off today by giving a well deserved shout out to my girl Jamie. You look good baby! We just spent the weekend up in CT - and when I say up - I mean Avon > Farfield > SONO. Good times - Great Oldies.

Mets baseball? Done. Nada. Over & Out. geez

Lots going on this week. Stay tuned for your daily SDSG fixins :)

Stormy Monday - Etta James

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lets Do This


It seems John Mccain has "un-suspended" his campaign and WILL appear at the debate tonight. Over 100 million people are expected to tune in. Are you gonna watch?

Your the Best - Joe Espisito

Friday: Back to the Future Post


Back to the Future. Definitely one of my all time favorite movies (and probably yours too). The following sequels were alright, but the original is tops. I think my brother and I have probably seen it over 150 times with all the repeats shown on TV. Personal favorite line?: "All right guys, it's a blues riff in B, watch me for the changes, and uh... try and keep up!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. Supposed to be pretty wet out there, so if you find yourself stuck indoors, look for BTTF showing on TNT.

Power of Love - Huey Lewis
Johnny B Good - Chuck Berry

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mets....Here We Go Again!??


Not Again....please God.

One seasons collapse is enough. We the fans cannot deal with two years in a row... The Mets lost last night to the Cubbies and in doing so - tied them with Milwaukee for the wild card and 1 1/2 games back from Phils in 1st. If they blow this, it will not only be a stain on the entire organziation, but on every single active player that's involved. This collpase would be something that they would inscribe on their tombstones.

From one fan to his team...GET IT THE FUNK TOGETHER!

Mccain Takes a TO??

This is crazy. But maybe the guy just didn't want to debate Obama right now with the economy in shambles....or maybe its the fact that he is down 9 points in the polls and needed to a big splash in the media. Whatever it is - the whole things screams "desperation" to me. Now I know some of you people will say "this is exactly what he should do" - but come on - the last thing Capitol Hill needs now, in the heat of intense negotiations, is a floundering presidential campaign pit-stop.

Below are some other quotes from the papers I found that support my argument.

"John McCain is a gambler by nature, and the bet he placed Wednesday may be among the biggest of his political life," Dan Balz writes in The Washington Post. "What he ultimately risks, is a judgment by voters that his move was a reckless act by a struggling politician - that hardened partisan lines in Washington at just the wrong moment and complicated efforts to deal with the biggest financial crisis in more than half a century."

"Real leaders don't have the luxury of taking time outs, Senator McCain. They're supposed to be able to deal with a wide array of problems, all at once. Especially when they're President. That's why it's called "the hardest job in the world." Lincoln ran for office during the Civil War. Reagan ran at the height of the Cold War. Bush ran with two wars raging in Afghanistan and Iraq. But McCain can't run during a crisis on Wall Street?

Kind've makes you wonder what his multitasking threshold is....and what else he'd "suspend" or "postpone" when the going got tough."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

KOL - Their Sh*t is That Good


I'll leave it up to my good friend M.S.G to summarize last nights show: "AMAZING!! We had the best spot in the house (center balcony) & they played a great mix of new and old stuff...Ragoo, My Party, On Call, Knocked Up, Charmer."

And there you have it!

Wednesday Just Cuz Post


Yanks Snub Roger?

"Pretty sad indeed. You figure three well-known alcoholics, Billy Martin, Mickey Mantle ,Babe Ruth (and how many other substance abusers?) were given acolades and represented by a daughter, sons etc at the Game..... why could they not include Roger Clemens?

Many fan / parents outthere tolerate addictions and obsessions from family members allow their teenagers to smoke pot, drink beer etc - so my question - is who is the bigger hypocrite? Clemens, having helped the Yanks win 2 World Series, despite his weaknesses, should have been included."

Taken from an

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two For Tuesday : KOL Edition


Lot's going on this week, but tonight we get to check out the one and only Kings of Leon @ Webster Hall. Yeah Boy!

Notion - KOL
Fans - KOL

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Blues / Weekend Recap


Friday night Eclectic Method set in Brooklyn- Check. Jared's 25th Birthday bash @ Brass Monkey Saturday Night - Awesome! Sunday Giants OT win vs Cinci > last game played @ Yankee Stadium - Yesssiir.

Monday Blues?? - Oh yeah

Mrs Robinson - Paul Simon

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday "Is Langerado Here Yet?" Post


Well, its offical. Langerado is moving into South Beach and we here at the SDSG headquarters could not be happier. Having done both Big Cypress in the Everglades and the M - park in Ft Lauderdale - we applaud the efforts by the producers to bring this awesome gathering close to a mainstream city where concert goers can enjoy many amenities including hotels, bars / clubs and the amazing Miami Beach beaches. It seem however than many a hippie (wookie) are having a tough time swallong the fact that they can't camp out in the middle of nowhere. To them, I post the following diatribe by a SDSG reader TNASH


"South Beach in March, for a music Festival?

I’ll preface this by saying, To Each Their Own. I do have my own opinion on the move to South Beach, and it’s a rather extensive one. I’ve been fortunate to attend the last two Langerado’s and had a BLAST at both.

But the move to South Beach is FULLY endorsed by this guy. Maybe cause I’m getting older, or the fact that we come down from NYC/CT….But spending time at the beach in March, seeing great music, seeing sexy women from all over the WORLD, cocktails and dreams, and generally misbehaving in South Florida, is right up our alley. Nothing against you Earth Mama’s or Straight Up Wooketes, but you girls just aren’t cutting it. Stunners in Sun dresses??. Now that’s what we call NICE. Spunions rummaging for ground scores during terrantial downpours, al the while clawing at my RV, with the faces of Meth in my mind...that is what we call straight JONESIN.

I’ve read many a posts on the Langerado Facebook page, and I respect all the opinions. But it seems many are worried when they take enough acid to spin “the dude”, that the streets of Miami might be a bad place?? OH YOU THINK SO DOCTOR!? Rumor is they will have a huge drum circle for you all. I mean..are you really worried about “tripping out man”? I have a feeling you MIGHT of taken too much already.

If you dig on the beach, a bed and shower, & late night music at some top notch venues...then this is the place for you. The Swamp or the Beach? Wookies washing their feet in the common sink..... or your own bathroom? Now...if you dig on selling Nitrous, cat tranqs, sleeping in mud, next to your dirty Wookette, then this surely will NOT be your scene.

You have our support Ethan and Co, and I can’t wait to make it down.

And bottom line? Too many wookies last year. “Hey Hey man, that’s not cool”. Probably isn’t. Just one mans opinion.


2008 - The End of Capitalism?


Have the foundations of US capitalism been shattered with worst financial crisis since the Great Depression?. SDSG and many a news outlets seem to thinks so.

"The latest Since 1864, American banking has been split into commercial banks and investment banks. But now that's changing. Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch -- overnight, some of the biggest names on Wall Street have disappeared into thin air. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are the only giants left standing. Despite tolerable quarterly results, even they have been hurt by mysterious slumps in prices and -- at least in Morgan Stanley's case -- have prepared themselves for the end.

"The only thing that is certain is that the era of the unbridled free-market economy in the US has passed -- at least for now. The near nationalization of AIG, America's largest insurance company, with an $85 billion cash infusion & a bill footed by taxpayers -is a staggering move."

Who's to blame?? Once could argue this a direct result of the Conservative "no regulatory" philosphy. But where real the irony is "we are in a free-market administration who are now doing things that the most liberal Democratic administration would never have been doing in its wildest dream"

Crazy times indeed

Free Fallin - Tom Petty

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wed. We Love the Band Post

We love The Band. Simple and true. Here's a vintage clip from their days making music up in Woodstock NY - w/ a track titled King Harvest. It's Niiiice.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two For Tuesday : Kings Of Leon

The Kings of Leon are arguably the hottest Rock n' Roll band on the planet right now. Damn straight.

On Sept 23rd the Kings will kick off their tour by playing an obscure NYC venue called Webster Hall. The date also happens to coincide with the release of their upcoming killer album "Only By Night".

The above vid documents some scenes from the studio & the link below is a track off the new album.

Crawl - KOL

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pig In Lipstick?? - Stop the Insanity

I guess it should come as no surprise that Republican party is using the same "swift boat" style tactics in trying to take an old saying, uttered by Obama last night at a town rally, & make it sound like he was directing the quote towards Gov.Palin. R U effing kidding???

Ummm....was this not the exact same phrase Mccain used in 07' to describe Hillary Clinton's fading health care plans. Please watch the above clip to see how crazy this is.

So Cold in the D

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday = Lots O' Things




Yeah, we did it RIGHT in Beantown this past weekend. When you somehow sit front-row watching My Morning Jacket tear it up on stage...that's a true game changer right there.

Sunday night we watched the VMA's > Entourage. The award show was just plain horrible. They give out Moon Men for music videos..but MTV doesn't actually play videos wtf??. The VMA's used to be the countercultural event of the year, now it's just established that the show will suck up to last years train wrecks(cough Britney cough) in the hopes they will get they their shit together to help MTV's rating's next year. I did think however the host was funny at times, but the rest of the country did not, with his performance being universally panned all over the blogosphere.

Entourage. Same ol' same ol'. Vince acts like a baby, Eric is there to wipe his ass, Turtle follows Vince around with a fat spliff in hand & Drama acts a fool. Can't wait for next weeks show..YawN. Ari though always brings the laughs. He has at least 5 + amazing riffs each episode and we love it.

Tom Brady?? Ouch. To all the Pats fans who read this blog....see ya in 09 fellas'

Now... bring on the berations and please make em clean!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday: Here We Go Edition


Giants baby! GIANTS. The defending Supebowl champs held off the Skidz last night 16 -7. They looked absolutely superb in the first half, only to let up ever so slightly defensively in the second, thus allowing Washington to crawl back in. But a wins a win - and SDSG will take it. I also gotta to give big ups to my boy (and fantasy allstar) Plaxico Burress for his stellar performance...keep it up GuY!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh Really?

A MUST see clip that was on the Daily Show today.

Thursday You Look Good


It's Thursday baby and there is ALOT going on at SDSG. Lets first start with a weekend recap shall we. Labor day weekend: What a blast! - We spent the time out in CT loungin by the pool, playin drinking games, grilling out & boatin with friends. Couldn't have asked for a better close-out to summer 08' - NICE

After spending a few more days away from the blog, we return today with the start of the NFL season. The NYC Giants open up their Superbowl defense against the Washington Skinnyz. Prediction?? 23 - 17 ..GO GINTS!

Now on to last nights RNC speeches. Did anyone else notice how bad Rudy Giuliani was slurring his words?? He must of had botox injections, cause his cheeks were straight frozen. I really can't stand his attack dog style, which ultimatelly came off comical at times. Although I feel Giuliani had some very valid points on Obama's experience, his speech mad me cringe more than once. If he brings up 9/11 one more time.....ugh

Sarah Palin absolutely gave the speech of a lifetime - showing she has the mettle to go up against the Democrats, while clearly defining her positions thoughout. Although I disagree with many of them, I was impressed with how she held her own up there. Now, lets see how she handles the media questioning outside the RNC comfort zone. IMO - there are wayyy to many potential scandal-kegs out there that could potentially blow up down the line.

In closing - lets hope hurricane Hannah doesn't head up to New England this weekend....cause I don't think the area can handle TWO Category 4 storms! AND yes -Trip Dogg's bachelor party is considered a Category 4!

Riders on the Storm - The Doors