Monday, September 14, 2009

Jordan's Hall of Fame Speech


Loved how the whole thing centered around finding motivation through anything & everything. Jordan being the ultimate competitor was always looking for something to fire him up. How bout the story of Utah Jazz guard Byron Scott telling Jordan if he ever came out of retirement & saw him in shorts again he'd 100% wup em'. Fast forward to game seven two years later with MJ whispering in his ear "remember the if I see you in shorts comment?? Well now's your chance.

He concluded his speech with this :"Limits like fears, are often just an illusion"


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tnash said...

MJ=Best basketball player to ever play the game.

That being said...I thought he could of classed up his speech a bit. Seemed like he had a huge chip on his shoulder. To each their own, but I thought he'd be over some of that tired bullshit.

Congrats to MJ and his fans.