Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Duke 61- Butler 59


What a game. Effing Duke. How sick would that have been of that shot went in? Looked good to us, but t'was not to be.

Without a doubt one of the best championship games of all time. Effing Duke


Anonymous said...

I feel ya. Effing Duke

tnash said...

Those kids and everyone who considers themselves a Bulldog....Keep your heads HIGH. Ain't NOTHING to be ashamed about. F*Ck Duke, but they won fair and square. Butler defined what being a TEAM is all about. Sure it will sting for those players, as it should. But years from now, they'll look back with nothing but PRIDE.

They lost, but i'd like to meet any and all lunactics who would deem them losers.

We love ya Woody kid!

I was hoping that shot went in, panned the crowd, and we'd see Wood. Just shirt off, basking in the glory, fending the college girls off..... Maybe sneaky make out with one!