Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Been a While - Back Again

Everynow and again - SDSG takes a few well deserved breaks in between posting that sometimes are as short as couple of days or as long as a week or so. This past non posting period has certainly been longer than most - but while we were away - we put our time to good use. Last week, we headed out to CT and caught back to back Phish shows in Hartford (which were frickin' awesome) While there we got some pool time at Cindy's Oasis, hung with some friends at a Graduation party and pretty much had one heck of weekend.

Moving though this week - we're gearing up for another epic Phish throw-down in Camden NJ. Recap to follow.

See you out there!


tnash said...

I think we the fans will decide what's well deserved and what's not well deserved. Is it acceptable? Sure-but well deserved? The US winning that match today was well deserved. You losing your dome at the Phish shows, finding it a week later, and then claiming a break was well for the weak and the easily intimitated. Me and dogg, wood, couple mysterious folks,hopefully some stunners and that SuperFan from Egypt don't fall into either of those sad catagories. So get it right.

No "rock and roll" for the fans out there? COuple BombTracks?

DoggtheGuy said...

Let me tell you something bandejo... no one cleared it by me that you'd be taking breaks while partying with Tim Harvey and then not partying with Tim Harvey, lounging with "old" friends, "new" friends in bat country. Timmy and I will let you know when you're next hiatus is and in the meantime drop some bombers on us please! NOW! You can't just abandon me at the most fragile of times, which is mid-work-week.