Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability" ~Sam Keen


tnash said...

There is zero that is respectable about laziness. Breeds apathy and carelessness. Mr Keen MIGHT be a smarter man than me. But most philosophers always think they are smarter than everyone else. Most do'ers don't give a rats ass about being smarter than the next lad. They are too busy DOING! No offense to Samuel. Total Tangent- TNASH style.

Now if you are referring to a late summer throw down.. With belly buster high dives and missing entire pools, then i'm down. Lazy rides from the train. Lazy batties all day. Lazy German shephards.Lazy chicken and steak on the grill. Lazy Cajun Shrimp, that all the lazy fans will dig. Big Lazy bottles of BrownBooze. And really lazy “simply” lemonade, cause being real lazy and not finding it…is the definition of lazy. Real lazy fella's by the wicked lazy pool. Floridays Stunnies with tequilla, good attitudes, great looks and lazy hot summer days. Lazy to leave the pool, lazy to head to work. Lazy for Sunday to come, Lazy Bikini’s, Lazy Penfield Beach. Real Lazy Fordo on the Stunningly Beautiful- Stunner. The Laziest boat in the harbor. Lazy Dave Jones- just throwing fastballs. The lazy Tallahassee connection. Inevitable lazy metro north employees. Lazy car rides, with 6 allstars. Lazy Agame. Lazy how’s your vibe.

Just don’t you dare to be Lazy Saturday AM. Not on my clock!

Anonymous said...

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