Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two For Tuesday - Steely Dan Edition

Dirty Work - Steely Dan
Kid Charlemagne - Steely Dan


tnash said...

i saw that alo did 'kid'and closed it with 'reeling in the years' sat night. Good stuff.Fillmore is pretty great huh? Wish I was hanging with some california girls right around f*cking now.

tnash said...

You know what. You are going need to step this whole thing up. I'm talking about getting a oldschool day of the week going. I enjoy a lot of the newer tunes.Others i will give you a pass on, as I know anything less will be a true statement of hate. Of everthing Hip, in this oh-so Hipster world. You being their spokesmen, their only outlet sometimes.On how things evolve in this big world of ours. Outside the walls of the village,williamsburg,and wherever else skinny jeans rule the day.Be their history teacher now, today. BE THE GUY GUYGUY.

I know you drop Monday blues on us.Which is appreciated. Im not talking about a replaying of 95.9 the effing fox. Or listening to FreeRide on repeat. But some old jamz guy. Of the soul variety. Why don't grab a piece of paper and pen...i got a few things for you to write down. A non-Nashville Outlet County day, Bob is your uncle one day, Who the F*ck is tim harvey Thursday. Just a whole rinsing. A clean slate. In the meantime find us some Price Tickets. YouKnowIt