Friday, March 25, 2011

Gordon the Bowl


So Mike played 2 nights @ the Brooklyn Bowl this past week. SDSG caught the second of the two and both sets where as tight as one would expect from a Cactus led show. Highlights were definitely the 1st set closer Mound, the Dude of Life's suprise appearance on Your No good" and a lean / mean Funky Bitch.

Set One: Andelman's Yard, Sound, I'm Deranged > Willow Tree, River Niger, Ballon, Be Good and You'll Be Lonely, You're No Good^, Mound

Set Two: Traveled Too Far, Flashback > Funky Bitch, Pretend, What Things Seem, Hand In My Pocket, Couch Lady

Encore: Taking It To The Streets

^with Steve Pollak (the Dude Of Life) on vocals


Anonymous said...

How about a GO BULLDOGS!!! post?

Vanessa said...

i should have gotten there early to see him bowl!