Friday, May 6, 2011

Gary Williams to Retire

Good for him. Bad for Terp fans. The fact he led Maryland back from the 89' sanctions to a National title in 02' says it all. "No team in college basketball ever embodied their coach more: even the skilled players were scrappers, fighters, who played so hard because they looked over and saw their coach in a soaked suit, sweating as much as them".

The only winner here: Gary's dry cleaner

Heres a great article on Coach Williams


TNASH said...

dude is a legend. Straight up Saved the program after Bias' death.
Hall of Fame Bound.

andrew said...

Not so sure this is a bad thing. I see this as a great oppurtunity to grab a good young coach, think Brad Stevens(Sorry Woody), Dixon, Jay Wright (better not be), that will be very successful in an ok ACC.

Anonymous said...

stevens is going no where