Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day 09' | A Look Back

First and foremost, this post is dedicated to all of our troops both past and present. SDSG salutes you! To celebrate our men & women in uniform, we found out ourselves in CT for the weekend...& what a weekend it was. Early Saturday we spent time on our friends boat straight chillin. The conditions on the water were too windy to go out, so we never left the the harbor - but that was fiiine by us. Post boat session was spent driving around looking for all-stars to hang out with, but with all of em' now apparently obsessed with the game of golf, this proved to be more a difficult task than expected (three days in a row guys!??) As night fell, we were lucky to meet up with a bevy of lovely ladies who helped turn things right around. A 'Girl Talk' jam session ensued & was followed up by a trip to the local bar > a late late night dance party at DD's casa.

Waking up Sunday afternoon, the sun was out in full force & the temp was topping 85 degrees. Thats niice. After hanging out with juan batista, Nash and I ended up driving through the backroads of Wilton / Redding headed up towards a friends party in Newtown. The drive was an awesome one & made me realize how truly special country livin' is. It was also funny, cause if not for my trusty iphone's GPS, we may not have ever made it up there at all (crazy crazy roads). At the fiesta, we were greeted with some good ol' BBQ, jungle juice, drinking games, bomb tracks and a rain storm of epic proportions (goods thing it only lasted 20 min) Heading out of the party proved more difficult than expected - and this guy felt the wrath of the crazy ladies in our car as a result. No bother. We finally made it out & ended up partyin it up into the wee hours (although me sipping tequila from the bottle probably was not the best idea) Monday was all about the pool. After a multi hour pool-sesh-one, we boarded a train back into NYC. If only every weekend could be this good.






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tnash said...

Memorial Day 2009 was upon us. Memorial Day means many things to many people. First and foremost ( as editor-in-chief SDSG himself laid out)it should be a time to remember all Military members and their families. We love you and thank you!

Memorial Day Weekend 2009 had a lot to live up to. Constant reminders of 2007 Summer were a plenty. Where blue skies, sundresses, stunnies, hardbooze, boating and generally owning the summer dominated our weekends. But this is no ordinary crew, and we sure dont' half ass it. Freshly stoned and giddy as hell, I rolled out of Lincoln AVE Sat AM with a purpose. With images of pretty girls, Coolers, and boats dancing in my was time to get down with the get down. The Mayor of Cockenee Island had me on the horn early. I appreciate the time you took off Sunnning yourself Mayor, to let the kid know it was time to get on the boats. Few more batties, a STIFF bloody, I was off to the races. SDSG was already on his way from the big Cit-Tah. While he was wanning of admirers, fans and well wishers...I was at the Liquor Store, Butcher shop, all the while looking at the Ever ominous skies, and White Knuckling the Booooozah truck, hoping we had the CHANCE to be on the water. " Who's going out Bret?...Just Me, T and the Captain". The captain decided it was better to stay in that one particular harbour. Good friends made their way to the festivities. Numerous beers ensued. Gerber baby products are apparentily shunned upon for contraband...but hey now we know. Many laughs later, SDSG and I decided to be landsharks for the duration of the afternoon. No Rain, Tons of Laughs. Great afternoon. This was when the great news was spilled to me. JenW and her crew of allstars were in town. Slightly faded, little sun in our faces, we hit one of our favorite joints. Michaels. Though the smokeshow lady was not there. DAMN. After a little contract negotionating between SDSG and "I'm in Charge Derek", we met the beautiful ladies over at 89. Feeling a little skiddish we pulled out our buddy John Daniels. 4 shots in ten minutes and I wasn't feeling skiddish no more!

The NYC Hottie Allstars did not dissappoint. A couple cocktails, and funny stories ensued. We then caravaned up to SONO. Where our trusty friends at O'Neills got it right. Dancing Dancing and back to DD's. Girl wasn't even there and late night was going down at her place. She showed up soon looking REAL DAPER and played host like ONLY DD CAN DO. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Sunday morning came, and we had moves to make. DD and her sister T and mother all entertained SDSG and myself for a good hour, and we then made our way to Newtown. Budcans, juan batista, and some clean berations came along for the ride. SDSG did me proud and got us to the party. What else can I say, The Cap's do NOT F*CK AROUND. The redCarpet was out, and the man in the corner rang his bell. It was GO TIME.

After a couple demorilizing defeats at the hands of THIS GUY, SDSG and myself welcomed Round TWO of the NYC hottie AllStars. You girls flat out made our weekend. And as much as we love to say, "YOU KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN",( comlete inside joke, and sadly nothing to do with ladies) I didn't know how much great fun it would be to hang with you all. After multiple games on the lawn, along with the Storm of the Year, it was time to head on our way. We'll just fast forward to being back in Stamford. No one needs to rehash those two hours again! The ladies welcomed SDSG, AB and myself with welcomed arms, And the night concluded with a hottub session. All I heard in my ears was John Bell's whiskey Stained Voice, repeating the line over and over and over again...."AIN'T LIFE GRAND"

So 2007 SUMMAH might be tough to beat. But if we have weekends like this on the Regular....2009 will be one for the books.