Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SDSG Weekend | Music Recap

Things kicked off @ Sullivan Hall Friday night, where we went to see one of our all time guitar hero's, Chris Michetti. For all of you who've never heard of this guy, he is / was the guitarist of the band Raq & he shreds. He's been performing his own material as of late (a cross between Van Halen & Jeff Beck) and we've been blasting it @ SDSG worldwide for a while now. The show was predictably badass, but with a headcount of only 15-20 people in the venue, the vibe was a bit off. Whatever. Chris's shite is that good & we will continue show up to support em' every time he comes around. For your own listening pleasure go to ChrisMichetti.com

Saturday we joined some good friends at the Fillmore to see two of our favorite acts, the Marco Benevento Trio and Tea Leaf Green. Marco's like a mad scientist behind the keys, taking full advantage the many effect pedals he's got hooked in. With Reed Mathis on double bass duty (both with Marco & TLG) and Brad Barr on the skins, the rhythm section was held down in the bestest of ways. Highlights during his set included the "Real Morning Party" and a sweet cover of My Morning Jackets "Golden". Check out this great write up on Benevento's sound via NY Times

Up next was Tea Leaf Green, who gets my vote as the best band to come out of the jamband scene in recent memory. I've been fortunate to see these guys around 5-6 times & every time I do they just keep getting better and better. Call it cliche, but good bands always rise to the occasion when playing NYC. They got the place rocking with staples like " Don't Curse @ the Night" and the Garden Part I. Good time great oldies.





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DoggtheGuy said...

Good stuff! Sounds like I missed a couple good ones this past weekend. "Golden" cover = NICE!

May 18, 2009 1:56 PM

tnash said...

Love to hear it pal. Sucks for Chris, but I dig on seeing shows with not too many heads. You get IT if you do, if you don't...you don't. Music touches people differently. Some people think top 40 is the shiznit. Good thing they do, cause tickets would be even tougher if they all dug what we dig on. OH, but we'd still get in, and sit where we want though.

Held it down in the CT burbs this weekend. Good to keep it real in NorWACK. Friday night there was a BillyErin sighting. Sadly we only had a couple hours.. I wish you two the best, and can't wait for Sept26. Late night booze session at O'Neills...quickly turned to early morning, where Richard and I got to see a Legend perform his craft. Our main man Alan from Ireland, just absolutely Negging this Semi-good-looking broad, that stayed for the late night booze-off.Kid isa MASTER. Neg>Don’t talk to me, I’m talking to TNASH>Her beggin to go home with him. Hey I’m Irish ladies, cause that brogue really draws them in.
Saturday AM came quickly and the kid had some business to take care of. Afternoon stoning > a trip to the Playhouse to see our man Miller….and Oh Dickey Betts was there too. Seen Dickey and his band many times now. With SDSG in tow, we witnessed one of the WORST performances ever, in the driving rain at the GOTV, couple years back. Same thing goes for his performance at the Freebird in JAX, couple years back. This night, the band was on. Dickey was enjoying himself. High Falls opener, and the band was off. I commandeered a row to myself up top, had 6 budweisals at my feet, and couldn’t be more happy. I moved to backstage for the 2nd set…thanks to our friend, we will call her Mrs.Strawberry. Dickey told the crowd, “ You all Look GOOD tonight”, and my favorite was after a healthy pull of this budbottle…”WE hade to play sober last night….it was TERRIBLE, not tonight”. And then they launched into a tune I never saw them play “ Havin a good time”. It was Dickey’s song he wrote right after Jerry died. Nice to see. The band was ever-so-professional…..making songs they play EVERY night, sound like it’s the only thing they care about doing. A couple pre-show batties with the man on the bass Pedro, and got to shake Dickey’s hand. All the classics were done, Jessica, Franklins>Blue Sky, Back it where it all begins>SEVEN TURNS, which made this kid smile. Bolted during the encore, and made it down to hang out with DD and watch the final set of this band Cosmic Jibaro’s. A great latin-jazz type band, with my man main from HS Darian Cunning on Guitar. Late night Sangria and laughs at DD’s house. Girl you cannot be more accomadating and a JOY To be around if you tried. Sunday big time feed session at Cosio’s….thanks to PK and Cosio. Lamb, steak tips, guac, Cornish game hens, great beans, big time app’s and a F*CKING stinker by the C’s. Oh well- GO SOX!

May 18, 2009 2:38 PM

DoggtheGuy said...

Now THAT is a post!!

Anonymous said...

I heart TNASH

Summer '09... DD's same as ever, but now with a HOUSE

Get there kids!