Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 Days


Mango Song - Phish (6-30-00-Hartford Meadows)


tnash said...

Two days? ONE DAY

I already don't like the vibe you are putting out there..or effing lack there of. You think you are getting a "pass" from me? You are sadly mistaken. Step up your game son. What about a "Rock and Roll" for the fans out there? What is this? WHAT IS THIS? 11AM, and I got nothing?

Get it right, or stay at home tomorrow. Cause i'm already in your face. Setting up a residency.

We shoot first, point and laugh, and then, and ONLY THEN...ask questions.

BH said...

TNASH.....this post was created yesterday (Wed) ...therefor the jumpoff would be TWO days away.

get it together


tnash said...

Really? Get what together? You should of updated it. ONE DAY

Cause it was already 11AM today, before we got anything. THUS THE BERATION

tnash said...

Don't get cute with me either.

BH said...

cute!? - kid was busy setting up Thursday Bomb tracks for the fans

the love it