Monday, February 1, 2010



tnash said...

Scram Jones on the ones and two's?

What? DJ MastaNugz is taking a break? On hiatus? sdsg worldwide is putting out an event,and masta ain't in charge?

I can't wait ( and OH- for all you doubters out there- THERE WILL BE A MOMENT) for the moment sdsg doesn't like said tune. He hops on Scrammy Jones's getup, and proceeds to change the tune, without a care in the world. But ScrammyJones can't help him/herself...they love the tunes sdsg put on. A 'lildabwilldoya is firing on all cyclinders this evening.

Anonymous said...

yeah Jones scrammed alright, all the way to Oregon for this. Who the hell does Scram Jones think he is... making my frined Jones scram out of town. I want answers!