Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SDSG @ the Movies - Crazy Heart Review

Just saw Crazy Heart over the weekend & this reviewer gives a solid two thumbs up. Jeff Bridges plays Bad Blake, a 57 year old washed up country singer who's better days & hit songs are well behind him. Think Merl Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristoferson all rolled into one.

Travelling gig to gig out of an old Chevy Suburban, Bad ultimatelly tries to turn his life around after falling for a young reporter played by Maggie Gyllenhhal (who was so terrible she almsot ruined the movie). The film is littered with great songs (mostly written by T-Bone Burnett) and Jeff Bridges gives an awesome performance as a man who has seen it all but is is still searching to to find himself. All in all - an enjoyable ride.

Hold On You - Crazy Heart
Falling and Flying - Crazy Heart
Brand New Angel- Crazy Heart
I Don't Know - Crazy Heart


tnash said...


GREAT GREAT movie. And I couldn't agree more about the role maggie gyllenhaal played. I felt a father-daughter vibe more than she was falling for him...not good. JeffBridges KILLED in this film. "Sure hank would of done it this way"- waylong song playing when he rolled up to phoenix was pretty effing cool. And I thought colin farrell ( sp?) played his role very solidly. I'm sure others will have good roles this year,and play them well. I don't fawn over actors too often. Bad's role was perfect, and WAS POWERFUL. And IMO he should win best Actor.
A real movie, done real well.

tnash said...

Can we some bomb tracks for those working today?

This isn't russia is it danny?

tnash said...

Can we get SOME.

Thanks in advance.