Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Any super-competitive person would rather beat Dwyane Wade than play with him. Don't you want to find the Ali to your Frazier and have that rival pull the greatness out of you? That's why I'm holding out hope that LeBron signs with New York or Chicago (or stays in Cleveland), because he'd be saying, "Fine. Kobe, Dwight and Melo all have their teams. Wade and Bosh have their teams. The Celtics are still there. Durant's team is coming. I'm gonna go out and build MY team, and I'm kicking all their asses." That's what Jordan would have done. Hell, that's what Kobe would have done."

Great quote from Bill Simmons article via

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tnash said...

yeah and him and amare still won't make the knicks as good as the C's. Who's going to feed Amare all those hoops right to the hole? Stevenash ( one of the best passers the game as EVER seen) ain't walking through that door. I'd be happy for you real Knicks fans if he does come. It makes them a 50 win team. Does that make tougher than the C's? hell no. I'll still take the guys on the C's ( even though they are getting OOOOLLLDDD) in a series over the knicks with the king. HE will go down as one of the best ever. BUt right now? It's tough to root for the guy. He's an egomaniac who flat out QUIT against the Celtics. Give me a guy who leaves it on the floor ( dare I say Kobe) EVERYDAY of the week over a guy who's true colors are shown, when the going gets tough.
That all changes if he goes to Miami. That'd be tough to compete with.