Friday, July 9, 2010


Dear Lebron,

What went down last night was the worst buildup to the biggest bunch of BS we have ever 'witnessed'. You make everyone wait weeks doing a dog and pony show all the while knowing you'd end up playing with Wade and Bosh. Your hour long, narcissistic special will go down as one of the most painful interviews in all of sports and entertainment. As a Knick fan we're disappointed. But as Cavalier's gotta be beyond devastating. To drag your "former" fans through the mud for over two weeks, culminating in a sorry-ass interview is irrehenesible.

NOW we understand why you didn't come to NY.... Cause your just not made out for the bright lights. As Donnie Walsh said yesterday "New York is not for everyone". NY is for guys like Derek Jeter. Mark Messier. Eli Manning...even Alex Rodriguez. NY is not for guys like you Lebron, guys who pass the ball when it's all on the line. Now you have your wingman in Wade. Hope he's open when the clock strikes 0.


Anonymous said...

Lebron James has been nothing but good for the NBA and Cleveland. Cleveland did next to nothing to put the pieces around him for a championship (an aged Shaq? Come on!) He deserves to be surrounded by some other talent, and I hope he wins 10 straight championships.

Three basketball players choose to give up millions in earnings in order to play together as teammates in pursuit of winning. Doesn't this embody the best virtues of sport: team over individual, playing to win not just for the biggest payday?

Don't be a Heat hater...

BH said...

Of course Lebron James had every right to leave Cleveland. But why do it on national TV / after 45 minutes of questioning? Why not be a Kevin Durant type and keep it somewhat dignified and announce via press release and save everyone the heartache?

You make a good point in taking less money to play with players that can help you win a championship. I do commend him for that. BUT if you want to be in the same breath as Jordan or Kobe - you need be the GUY. He tried it in Cleveland and it didn't work. He could have done it in NY but chose Miami cause he couldn't stand the REAL heat. Now in my humble opinion he can never live up to his "King" title.

BH said...

"GREENWICH, Conn., July 8, 1990 -- Michael Jordan announced on national television he's leaving Chicago to join the Detroit Pistons. Jordan said it was tough to bolt Chicago, where he was the most popular athlete in many years, because he thinks he has a better chance to win a championship if he plays with Pistons star Isiah Thomas. Jordan said by playing together, he and Thomas "won't have the pressure of going out and scoring 30 every night."
That would have sounded absurd, right? Well, it is no more absurd than what LeBron James is doing. Jordan was 27 years old in 1990, slightly older than James is now. He had never been to the NBA Finals. He had been beaten up by the Celtics and Pistons for years. He doubted his supporting cast was good enough.

But he never doubted himself."

Read more:

tnash said...

He's NOT going to win 10 straight championships. I can promise you that. He flat out quit against the Celtics. FLAT OUT QUIT.

Who's going to feed the ball? MArio Chalmers? Come on now. Who's their center? Are they the favorite? Sure- that's for sure. But you gotta play the games. Ain't NOTHING guarenteed.

Let's not pretend these guys are GOOD guys for leaving money on the table. No Income tax for Floridians.

When you have your 25 year old buddies in your ear, when that's your counsel....That's what you get last night, a fucking dog and pony show. Any PR people with sense, would never of done that. Oh the money went to Charity? Awesome. But he could done that after signing his deal. That dude is a Fucking egomaniac, who makes KOBE look like a good guy.

And he hasn't won shit. To say Lebron embodies the best virtues in flat out comical.

Anonymous said...

LeBron James is a class act on and off the court. Perhaps the media suspense circuit was ill advised but he has done nothing but elevate the interest in professional basketball to new heights. All the naysayers will be shelling out the frijoles to see the Miami Heat whereever they play. The lengthy statement released by the Cavaliers (as reported in the media)was a sad shriek after the horse had already bolted from the paddock. The Lakers/Celtics matchup will be a middle school semi-final compared to the Lakers/Heat rivalry next season. Good for basketball. Go LeBron!

tnash said...

To say Lebron going to miami is good for basketball is moronic. And you are damn right the media circus was illadvised. That's the whole effing point. Other Stars in today sports would never of done this. Period. And Kobe Bryant ( while I despise him) is a flat out more popular figure around the globe. PERIOD. Try telling the state of oHIo Lebron leaving is good for basketball.
I'd love to take that bet mr anonymous on the paperchamps the Heat...but faceless spirits, hell bent on a mission to spread the KingJamesStory get no more play from me.

tnash said...

And Dan Gilbert looked and acted like a child/Complete Amatuer. 100% agree on that.