Thursday, March 5, 2009


I found out yesterday a college roommate of mine passed away recently. His name was Matt Kiefer & he was one cool cat. An email chain was sent through by a bunch of our former Sigma Chi fraternity brothers, all reminiscing about times shared with him. Below are some stories that describes the man to a T.

You are missed my friend.

“Kiefer and I were walking back from Bentley's wasted one late night. As we are heading back to the house we cut through the back yard of Fi Sig's House. Kiefer was all fired up, telling me "these girls are the worst chicks on campus". As soon as we get to the street right in front of their house Kiefer screams "you chicks fucking suck!!!" not even a second or two later a girl sticks her head out one of the dark windows and yells "Shut up Kiefer!!"

AMAZZZZZZING!!! I WAS LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF at the fact this girl could recognize Matt's voice late at night while basically sleeping!”


" Kiefer was a fellow Mets and Giants fan, and along with this, we both shared in the adventure that is attempting to jump the hump along the side of the house in our cars at 5am. He was always outspoken, and much like myself, had the ablility to come off as a huge prick. But that is what I loved about him...his ability to crush you in front of everybody one minute, and then laugh and dump a beer on your girlfriend's head the next (this happened on numerous was like he was reading my mind). We drifted apart as years passed, but I could always count on seeing him at the bar and saying "Hey look it's Albers, go F yourself nerd", and then giving me a big hug and ordering shots....on my tab."


“Kiefer in a voice message to Stephanie H @ 4 A.M on a Tuesday night - 'Heyyy, what's up shorty? Kiefer here. Yup, this is a booty call'..Stephanie H in the voice mail to Kiefer the next morning - 'Hmm, yeah, Matt, I don't do booty calls for your information. I will however be in your room at 3 P.M. today after class so make sure you're there'”

Mad World - Gary Jules


DoggtheGuy said...

Never new the kid, but I dig on his M.O. Sounds like a true scumbag and where I come from this is a term of endearment. RIP

tnash said...

As Dogg says, never knew him. But those posts made me laugh out loud. Just classic. Straight up booty-call, you'd think it was headed toward a beration from said Stephanie. Instead she apparentily can't help herself. Well played Matt.

And yelling at sororities brings a tear to my eye. It takes one to know one!

Vaness said...

Im sorry to hear that. He sounded like a really funny guy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend Sly, sounds like he was a great dude