Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Get Rid of Em...


This guys needs to be fired ASAP. For all those that don't follow the Mets, their General Manager (and overall face of the franchise) Omar Minyaya publicly chastised / berated a Daily News reporter for breaking a story on the Mets Head of Player Development (Tony Bernazard) who had picked a fight with a Mets minor league player + other ugly transgressions. At the press conference on Monday to announce the Tony's firing, the Mets GM pulled a page out of a high schools bully's playbook & directed the attention on the reporter (who correctly reported the story) by informing the audience the guy had previously "lobbied" him & Mets COO Fred Wilpon for a player development position within the organization, thus inferring the reporter wrote / investigated the story with the intention to replace Tony Bernazard.

Yeah. Crazy.

As it tuns out, the reporter had merely inquired how one would go about getting into a professional baseball organization & was just seeking career advise. Never did he lobby to replace anyone. Could you imagine Brian Cashman acting in such a lowly manner? Or any other respectable GM? I don't think so..Minaya has proven himself to be liar & bully who not only shamed the Mets franchise - but himself. I don't care how many more wins the Mets add to their season (currently on a 4 game win streak- nice!) Minyaya should be fired today..Good riddance guy.

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