Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform Bill Passes


So the bill finally went through. We can certainly see both sides of the coin. On one side you have the 35 million Americans who have no insurance and if / when they get sick ,they basically are shit out of luck & have to pay ridiculous amounts for their medical bills. We 100% agree that no one should lose there home or livelihood because they get sick.

Reform is / has been needed.

However, the other side of the coin is: Why should I / we have to pay for those individuals health care? I don't get sick very often and I take care of myself. The fact that my taxes will now go up & will basically be helping paying for this massive overhaul is troubling to say the least. Also, what happens when everyone has the same / generic plan? Will I be able to get to see my doctor of choice in a timely manner or will I be just a # waiting in a never ending line? So may questions remain.

Today without a doubt is an historic one. For better or worse remains to be seen.

For a few must reads on the subject check out

Huffington Post


Bogle said...

Although a historical Bill, no doubt, lets keep SDSG for entertainment purposes only huh! I come here for refuge and good times, not politics!!!!

tnash said...

I literally have no use for the fucks down in DC. I could go on forever and rip everyone a new one. But i'd like to eat lunch today.

Fuck the Federal Gov't and the pawns on both sides of the aisle.

Well said on your part.

walrus gumbo said...

I'm pretty sure taxes increase if your income is over $200k. If/when I reach that point, I'll gladly throw some bones to the guys who can't afford to see a doc.

Until then, I'm down for not losing my plan because of my asthma.

Anonymous said...

They didn't pass a single payer health care bill. they passed a law that says everyone has to buy health insurance. Basically they said that we all know the system is corrupt and sucks - now go buy into it or face fines.

Anonymous said...

would'nt you know that your continued reading is the "Huffington Post" kinda bias would'nt you say? how about Neil Cavuto!..He will give you the up and up on the truth of who is being taxed and how many small business are going to have to close because they can't afford the to the guy who is 'pretty sure' taxes won't go up on those earning really need to look at the bill and see how not only taxes will go up, but how small business and insurance agencies will HAVE TO raise prices on us middle class...the higher class can already afford they don't care...and Palosi and her bunch exempted themselves from having to purchase the insurance they crammed down our throats...