Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Blues: Check + Weekend Recap

Anyone else have a serious case of Mondayitis? After 3 straight days of pouring rain, things are feeling a little blue around SDSG headquarters. To pick us back up, we need not look any further than Friday night's Soulive show at the Bowl w/ guests Marco Benevento, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Oteil Burbridge and the London Souls. For a recap - I defer to the Soulive blog Sick Sick time!

Saw Alice in Wonderland on Saturday. Thought it was alright.. 2 1/2 SDSG stars. Although Helena Bonham Carter and Johny Depp delivered awesome performances, I thought the movie lacked the mysterious / dark components that made the cartoon version so great. Definitely worth seeing - as watching films in 3D are all the rage these days.

Sunday took a walk around the city with our lovely lady and her pops who's up from Florida visiting. A highlight included a stop over at the rare books section in the Strand Book store. Didn't even know it was there but looking at books, some of which are 300 years old was pretty cool. Definitely plan on going back soon

This week we have a lot of exciting stuff on the books. Tonight Phish is performing at the Rock n Roll hall of fame covering a few songs / inducting Genesis. Tomorrow we're going to see the Broadway show Rock of Ages. Wednesday the Brooklyn bowl is showing U2 3D throughout the day. Thursday our boy Keller Williams is playing the Bowl. All friends / family of SDSG are welcome to join for some bowling / rocking. Friday? Not sure yet - but this week has to end on good note.

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Anonymous said...

BNUG and I built the set for Rock of Ages.

Mad Freakers by the speakers on Thursday nizzzite!!!!