Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SDSG 2010 Hall of Fame Induction Review

So Phish / Trey inducted Genesis into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame last night. Don't know about you readers, but we were cringing the whole time. Although they picked one of the harder and more complex Genesis songs to open with ( Watcher in the Skies) - Trey's out of tune vocals were just too much for this viewer. It's a bummer because half the people in the room had probably never heard or seen Phish, & this was a terrible introduction to the band we consider the best in the world.

Although endearing, Trey looked nervous as hell while giving his speech & by way of reading of a teleprompter - felt contrived (Wyclef even gave him a subtle dig when he said - I don't need a teleprompter to talk about Jimmy Cliff)

After the band was formally inducted, Phish played 'No Reply at All' - which once again had Trey leading the way with his out of tune vocals ( why didn't Page sing this song?) It was at this point we turned the sound off. Just couldn't take it anymore. The only thing that could of saved out boys was a a giant Fluffhead bustout. But it was not to be.

The Stooges were up next and thank god. Iggy is seriously out of his mind. But that's what makes him one of the greatest performers ever. He had a great line. " Music is life. And life is not a business. Nice! Thought the end jam of 'I Wanna be Your Dog' was cool with the people jumping around onstage.

Next up was David Geffen. Great acceptance speech. This coming from the man who truly changed how the business of music evolved. The fact that he started in the mailroom a William Morris an ended being the icon he is is what it is all about people. Loveed his line about not having any talent. The only talent he had hes said " was seeing it in other people"

But the all out winner of the night was 100% Jimmy Cliff. WOW. The man speech was endearing and his performance absolutely stole the show. Loved hearing the Harder they Come and watching all the people crowd get down.

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tnash said...

1) there is no such thing as "best band in the world". Music is too subjective. We've talked about this before. Just glad we have all the options we do.And for someone who has introduced me to COUNTLESS artists, you should know better than that.
2)The band didn't make any new fans, you are correct. Too bad to see, but if some pseudo celeb didn't get 'em before last night, Oh well.
3) who gives a flying f*ck if trey had to read from the 'Promter. I hear what you are saying, and i agree he wasn't right. But wyclef should worry about himself. I'm glad he doesn't need a 'promter. In my FrankRizzo Voice..." I'M VERY PROUD OF YA"
4) Keep your looks up.