Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boston - 5/30-5/31

What a great time in Boston this past weekend. The drive-up itself was one for the ages, filled with blue skies, great tunes and even better looks. Arriving in Beantown, it was if the city had rolled out the red carpet for our crew. Taking a ride through Boston Harbor Sunday afternoon is a memory this guy won't soon forget. And then there was Phish. The Fenway show was & will remain one of my all-time Phish experiences. Seeing them in that setting was simply EPIC.

Some Highlights:

-Sun hitting the crowd as Trey ripped into the Sample Jam
-Moma Dance just setting the tone...
-Free ....."Hey Derek...we're free man!"
-Destiny Unbound / Curtis Lowe bustouts.....what!?
-Nasty 2nd set....Tweezer, Bathtub, Bowie, Free, YEM.....oh man
-Good Times Bad times > Tweezer Reprise closer..siiiick!

For a great review check out HiddenTrack

Cannot wait for Thurs / Friday!!!





tnash said...

NA NAH NA NAH!!!!!!!

JUST MY LATEST VICTIM! Stabbed her this AM!

NA NAH NA NAH!!!!!!!

-John John

-Roofdeck parties.

-Suprising amount of smokeshows around town

- Phone call away parties

- Shawn and the good folks at the Custom House

-OWU crew going HUUUUGE and getting a place for a proper pregame routine.


Guy- how about the pic of me,you, jrod, and johnjohn on the boat?

Megsaintg said...

Great Pics! Love my girl Whit in the bottom one with all the boys... next time hope to be with you all :-)

DoggtheGuy said...

This kid's jealousy just keeps growing, but very happy you guys all had fun! Hopefully the Dogg can't a bit more involved during the remainder of the season!