Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chicago Appreciation Post


Man am I feelin' Chi Town. Been here since Sunday & seriously might not come back. Temps have been in the low 90's with sunhine throughout - basically how its supposed to be in late June (Ya here that NYC!?) Everything about this town is on point. Old school architecture... Well maintained streets... Awesome eateries (props to Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza - mmmm) But most importantly- the stunnies. They. Are. Everywhere. And not your NYC stuck up / non approachable types. We're talking a city chock full of 'girl next doors'. I'll be here till Sunday. Maybe Ms. SDSG is too.


Megsaintg said...

I had Lou Malnati's when I was there last week and yep its da bomb!

DoggtheGuy said...

Yeah, B.A. took Mrs. Dogg and I to Lou's when we were out there about a year or so ago and agreed, the pizza was excellent!

Shannon said...

I like that you like it here.

tnash said...

Damn SDSG, just getting new fans on the regular, huh?
We might have to move operations out there, or at least open a branch office, if the new fans look anything like shannon does.