Monday, January 10, 2011

Bring on The Pats


Heck of a win Saturday night vs the Peyton & the Colts. Couldn't believe that guy ran into the kicker giving the Jets the ball back with less than 2 min on the clock. Still, props to Sanchez and crew for driving down the field and positioning Folk for the game winning field goal

This upcoming Pats gams is going to be real fun one to watch. Lets hope the Jets actually show up this time.


andrew said...

You are a Giant fan, dont give me this "I am a New York fan" crap!!

BH said...

A.B - we here at SDSG have been rooting for NY area teams since day 1.

Is it the easy thing to do? No.Sir

The amount of BS that comes are way as a result would have made lesser sports fans run for the safety of their 1 team / sport.

For the record GuyGuy:

The below teams will always be # 1 with us:

- Knickerbockers
- Mets

But were 100% going to root for the Jets, Yanks and Nets when they're playing anyone else except the above teams.


tnash said...

Us here at NashandCo like the Pats...and that's f*cking it.

tnash said...

It IS the easy thing to do. When you have 9 area teams you pull for.
The amount of BS? Really? That's all foreign to me. Silly me thinking if the one team you truly love loses..that's it. But when you "100%" actually ROOT for another team, and then openingly chastise others when your " other" NY team's tougher?

It was tough being a sox fan and chasing the Yankees since I was born. It was also tough being a Pats fan and being IRRELEVENT for years. Safety of their one team? Sh*t I should of known earlier. I would of loved having another team to root for.

Am nervous as hell about sunday though.

Anonymous said...

I hate PHISH! and I thought that new years eve 'Meat Stick' video was the gayest thing I have ever seen!

tnash said...

Thanks Wood. DrAnonymous. SCUMMY

SDSG- To each their own pal. Who is ANYONE to tell ANYONE whom to root for. get yours fella.
I should of just simply stated I have no idea how you can pull for more than one team. Doesn't make me a "better" fan or any of that.