Tuesday, January 11, 2011


From ISS Commander Scott Kelly,( brother-in-law of Gabrielle Giffords, the U.S. Congresswoman who was shot Saturday in Arizona) , recently led a tribute to the victims, lamenting that the planet he observed wasn't a more peaceful one.

"These days, we are constantly reminded of the unspeakable acts of violence and damage we can inflict upon one another, not just with our actions but also with our irresponsible words.

We are better than this. We must do better."

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tnash said...

Terribly sad. Maybe i'm completely wrong. But i ain't afraid to say it. A "moment of silence" is going to happen, i understand. My .02..we should of had an 11AM Hanging in Tucson city center. String that motherf*cker right up.
To listen to the clowns on the left, and the jokers to the right make me sick. Making this political. They're all f*cking hypocrits who refuse to address issues head on. They'd rather point fingers than to actually get down to business.
It's wonder why so many Americans are put off by Politics, and mainly Politicians. Differing Points of view are VITAL. But using these types of events to furthur ones so called agenda, is pathetic, embarressing, and we as Americans should Stand Up and give a Collective STFU.
Thoughts and prayers to the family. I can't imagine their pain... As an aside- The VicePrinciple killed last week from Ohama NE is the sister of PaulaLingberg. A longtime ThayerPond resident. Sad indeed