Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Right Place - Wrong Time

Went to the Bowl last night for a concert benefitting Haiti relief - featuring Lettuce (comprised of various Soulive members), Maceo Parker, Dr. John, ?uestlove and the The London Souls. The weather was spitting pretty hard, so we were on the fence to on whether to make the trek from Manhattan to BK. With the persistant rumor that Prince was going to make a surprise appearance following his show at MSG, we figure we'd be kicking ourselves if we missed it. Glad we didn't.

Although his Purpleness never showed, it really didn't matter. Seeing Dr John and Maceo jamming together was over the top awesome. Is there a a better horn player on Earth? Also, Adam Deitch and ?uestlove on dueling drums sets was just surreal. Lost of talent makes for good music, and as a result this show lived up to the hype.

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