Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jets Need to Pipe Down

Now we're all for self confidence. We certainly like a coach who sticks his neck out to try and take the pressure off his players. But what we can't stand is when a coach literally puts his foot in his mouth and makes egocentric statements ike "the is about me vs the other coach". News Flash - Its not.

Adding insult to injury, the players then follow their coaches rhetoric and start running their mouths. Just play the effing game! . Im sorry, but the old adage rings true "talk is cheap". Go out and win and let the haters hate. As much as I want the Jets to dominate this weekend - I respect the shit out of the way the entire Pats organization conduct themselves - top to bottom. As Mike Lupica said in his article in today's Daily News : You don't make a rivalary with good quotes." Amen

Ny Daily News article

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